Got You

The game I have created myself!

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I have created a game!

For the first time in my life I can say: I am the creator of a board game.

All the people I have asked to try this game loved it, so I have created 200 test sets so you can also try it!

The name of the game: GotYou

Do you want to try the game? Make a donation of 10 euro (or more) and I will send you one of the test sets. Please provide me with feedback on how I can improve the game so at a later stage I can bring it to market.

The game GotYou.

What you need to play the game:

The game board that has 16 crosses.

Each player has:

  • 4 cards with number 1,
  • 4 cards with number 2,
  • 4 cards with number 3.

One player is Red the other player is Blue

The aim of the game is to get 4 in a row with your own colour, as soon as a player has a 4 in a row he wins the game. This can be horizontal, vertical and diagonally.


  • First game the youngest player starts, every next game the loser of the game before starts the game.
  • Each turn a player must play one card, in what order he is playing his numbers does not matter.
  • On an empty cross any card can be played a 1, 2 or 3.
  • On a cross where there is a card with the number 1, you are allowed to play a 2 or 3.
  • On a cross where there is a card with the number 2, you are only allowed to play a 3.
  • A cross with a number 3 card is blocked, this cross can not change colour anymore.
  • A higher number card can be played on your own or on the card of the opponent.
  • You are not allowed to hide your remaining numbers, your opponent must be able to see what you have left.

When each player has played all his cards and no player has a 4 in a row the game is a draw.


Your number 3 cards are the most valuable, don't use them too early in the game.

Try to create a double possibility to create a 4 in a row in your next turn to win the game.

Enjoy the Game!

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