Bolt Food couriers to strike on Friday


Action related to earnings and working conditions

Bolt Food couriers are expected to strike on Friday over issues with earnings and their working conditions.

Couriers, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the action will kick off on Friday, with some saying it will go on until Sunday.

Some 300 couriers work for the company. Most of those questioned at different localities said they planned to take part in the stoppage.

A spokesperson for Bolt confirmed the strike is taking place, saying there will be "new steps" discussed with the couriers.

"We are working towards optimising the pricing and that should have a positive impact on courier earnings within the next few days. Our goal is to provide high-quality service to our customers and best-earning opportunities to our couriers," the spokesperson said.

One courier told Times of Malta that since June, "pay has gone down by a lot".

"What you used to get for a delivery is now much lower," the courier said.

Bolt originates from Estonia and began operating locally in 2017 through a local intermediary, offering an app-based taxi service. It then expanded into food delivery, which became popular during the pandemic when shops were shuttered. As of April, the company started running its own operations in Malta after its agreement with TXF Tech ended.