Heatwave coming!


Berg die zwemkleding nog maar niet op!

De komende twee weken zijn erg goed gezien de voorspellingen! Temperaturen tegen de 30 graden met gevoels temperaturen van 35!

Heerlijk om toch nog even naar het strand te gaan!

Long-term maps are continuing to confirm a trend of warmer and drier autumn weather for the Maltese Islands. 

The night between Tuesday 18th October and Wednesday 19th October may bring the final isolated showers of this month. Not much rain is expected from these. 

October 2022 is likely to end up being a drier than average month with only two or three days of rain. Starting from the afternoon on Wednesday 19th October, an anticyclone is likely to take hold of the central Mediterranean. This will ensure a long period of stable weather with plentiful bright sunshine, very warm temperatures (with maximum temperatures reaching up to 29°C) and generally light to moderate winds. 

This anticyclone could develop into what meteorologists refer to as an omega blocking pattern. A blocking pattern in meteorology is a large-scale and nearly stationary high pressure system. A blocking pattern, or anticyclone, blocks incoming low pressure systems. In our case, low pressure systems which normally approach us from the west will be deviated further north towards the UK and Scandinavia, as shown on the chart. 

These blocks remain in place for several days or even weeks, causing the areas affected by them to have the same kind of weather for an extended period of time. In our case, we will continue experiencing these very stable conditions for a longer period of time than was initially anticipated. In the northern hemisphere, this is referred to as an Indian Summer, or locally, as is-Sajf ta' San Martin.