ALOHA pool party 18th of JUNE - update from NEDMALTA


This Saturday the 18th of June we will have the Aloha POOL party! Are you ready? We are!The organization had to move the location, this is to guarantee that you will have a great PARTY as this could no longer be guaranteed at the old location

he following is still the same:

  • Start: 14:00 (the 18th)
  • End: 04:00 (the 19th)
  • Several DJ's and great music.
  • Nice bar and enough to drink!

There is a nice pool at this location and as previously planned the day will look a little like this:Try to come between 14:00 and 16:00, we will start nicely and relaxed with a few drinks (the first one is on the HOUSE) and some great games!

  • Beerpong
  • Wet T-shirt contest
  • The best outfit will receive a tray of shots!

At Sunset the real party will begin and the dancing will be continue long after midnight!And don't worry, I know the location on Google Maps does not look nice but those pictures ares old. I have seen it and let me tell you: the pool is full, blue and clean! The décor is great and everything is there!So as planned before; lets make it a great party this Saturday!Over 100 are already coming and we have still tickets available! Send the link to ALL NedMalta - Tim JacobsThe Venue!