Dutch Kingsday, the Malta edition 2023

What a great event this was! We hope you also had a great time and remember the date for next year!

2024 we will have another Dutch King's day, the Malta edition. Of course another great venue and the Dutch vibe! Save the date and check our website for tickets next year!

Enjoy the pictures and video's, feel free to share and don't forget to tag NedMalta and help the sponsors as they made this possible!

Dutch Kingsday, the Malta edition! These companies made it possible!

Without these sponsors the party was not possible! Show that you appreciate the sponsorship by telling your friends about these companies!

Reptile shop, the Blue Lagoon. Visit them in the Netherlands and bring the warmth of Malta in your home! More info here.

Rolling Geeks, A great way to tour the 3 cities! More info here.

Belevari, Electric scooters and more! With the Maltese government grand they are almost free! More info here.

The pictures!