Hilarious literal translations of Maltese idioms that give us the giggles


The Maltese language is a unique blend of many other languages combined; a reflection of the many counties that colonised it over centuries. And just like any other language that has its own verbal expressions, so does Maltese - but these ones (and there are way more!) just cannot be translated into any language...and you'll see why.

Things that run

Meaning: These things happen

Maltese: Affarijiet li jigru 

Untie your hair and bring the oil

Meaning: Brace yourself!

Maltese: Holl xaghrek u gib iz-zejt

Bad lettuce

Meaning: Someone fainted

Maltese: Hass hazin

Don't cut your heart

Meaning: Don't give up

Maltese: Taqtax qalbek

I come, fall, and get up from you

Meaning: I couldn't care less about you

Maltese: Nigi naqa u nqum minnek

You narrowed me!

Meaning: You annoyed the bejesus out of me

Maltese: Dejjaqtni!

Cutting of meat

Meaning: Sore muscles

Maltese: Qtugh ta' laham

Everything come so we go

Meaning: Shoddy work

Maltese: Kollox ejja ha mmorru

How much empty are you, say?

Meaning: A stupid comment

Maltese: Kemm int vojt, ghid?

With the egg turned round

Meaning: Someone is in a bad mood

Maltese: Bil-bajda mdawra

I swallowed a pipe

Meaning: Something inconvenient happened

Maltese: Blajt kanna

Mix me so I understand you

Meaning: A person confused the heck out of you while explaining a situation

Maltese: Hawwadni ha nifhmek