Recovered COVID patients with single vaccine dose to be spared quarantine


Malta to ease entry restrictions as of October 1

Travellers who are only eligible for a single vaccine dose will be allowed into Malta without having to quarantine as of October 1, Health Minister Chris Fearne has said.

The revised rule will apply to all such travellers with a COVID vaccine certificate from a country that Malta recognises.

Malta currently recognises vaccine passes issued locally, by EU member states, the UK, UAE, the US, Serbia, Turkey, Gibraltar, Jersey and Guernsey, Qatar, Albania, Australia, Egypt, Lebanon and Canada.

The policy change signals an easing of Malta's hardline approach to vaccination requirements for incoming travellers.  

Malta requires all incoming travellers to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination or else undergo 14 days of quarantine at a state-sanctioned quarantine hotel.

But it has, until now, insisted that COVID-19 vaccine passes which show that a person has only received a single vaccine dose are not valid for entry. That has caused problems for travellers arriving from countries with different vaccine rules.

In countries such as Germany, Italy or Portugal, people who previously had COVID-19 are only given a single vaccine dose.

Although such people are eligible for an EU-issued COVID pass, such certificates were not considered valid for entry into Malta until now.

That will now change as of Friday, Fearne said on Tuesday.

The minister was speaking during a press conference at which he announced eased restrictions for any bars, restaurants or social clubs that choose to restrict entry to vaccinated customers.

  Establishments will be able to opt to restrict entry to vaccinated people starting from October 9, although they must first obtain certification to do so.

Certification is voluntary and any establishments that choose not to restrict access will be able to continue operating under existing public health rules.