Dutch Kingsday, the Malta edition 2024

The Malta edition is getting bigger every year. This year we will host you at SEVERAL LOCATIONS and at the main event you can choose between 5 different music area's! 

Dutch Kingsday is NOT only for the Dutch, it is for everybody! Bring your friends, your workmates and come party with the Dutch the day and night!

We hope to see you on several events. That is why we are offering combination tickets for the Main event and the Rooftop Party so take your pick on the event you want!

Main event: Sprachcaffe village by NedMalta.

  • From 13:00 to 23:00
  • Tickets €15
  • 5 Music Area's!

Night event: Orange on the Roof at Marco Polo by English cafe Malta

  • From 21:000 tot 04:00
  • Tickets €10
  • Internation Dutch Kingsday!

Night event: Holland Heineken House by Tex Mex paceville

  • From 22:00 tot 04:00
  • Free entrance
  • Kitchen extra long open!

Dutch Kingsday, the Malta edition 2024 main event layout

The different Area's and more


The Poolparty wil be grow from beahclub music to a real Party after sunset with a DJ playing from the Balcony!

Bring you swimsuit if you want to take a swim. Comercial music with some dutch hits will be the music style in this area.


In the bar you can chill maybe play some pool and of course get a drink and something to eat.

With the tables inside and outside this middle area is to relax and meet your new friends!

Drinks and food you buy with tokens, tokens you order and pay with your phone and then collect.


This is the place to dance, sing and enjoy the mainly Dutch music. The Kingsday experience.

DJ starts playing from 18:00 and will get the orange people moving!


There are 2 area's for karaoke, so when you get the need to sing with your group pass by the Karaoke

Diving experience

During the daytime, Malta Blue will give you a chance to see what diving is, do you like it? Then you can go for a real test dive.

Pubcrawl experience

Paceville Pub Crawl will give you the Pubcrawl experience, Playing drinking games in the evening.


Several beerpong tables will be around the pool, just go to one of the Heineken bars get beer and play with your friends


Take as much pictures with the photobooth as you want! It will be there all evening and the pictures are free!


At the BBQ you get Hamburgers, hotwings and hotdogs. Inside at the bar you will find pizza and baquettes.

Payment with drinktokens (€3 each) most food is 1 token per portion. 


We have a special Flugel bar. Flugel can not be missed at this amazing event! 


Of course we have the T-Shirt: Dutch Kingsday - the Malta edition 2024.

Last year it was sold out with the hour, so this year you can order your shirt in advance. Great reminder!

Timeline main event

Dutch Kingsday, the Malta edition main event

  • Start: 13:00
  • End: 23:30

Times of the different area's

  • Poolparty 13:00 - 22:30 (DJ starts at 15:00)
  • Bar open all day
  • Party hall 16:00 - 23:00 (DJ starts at 18:00)
  • Karaoke 1 & 2 open all day

Other times

  • Malta Blue Diving 13:00-18:00
  • Pubcrawl experience 17:00 to close
  • Photobooth 15:00-22:00
  • Beerpong 18:00 - close
  • Bar open all day
  • Heineken Poolside bar 13:00 to close
  • Heineken Parthall bar 16:00 to close
  • Flugelbar 16:00 to close

This will be a cashless event, you pay everything with tokens. Each tokens has a value of €3 and can be bought online. You can collect your tokens at the token stand when you scan the QR code you receive in your email! 

Kingsday other parties

The Main event of Dutch Kingsday, the Malta edition 2024 will end at 23:30 so there is time enough for other parties

It is only a 10 minute walk from the main event to Paceville in St julians, Tex Mex Paceville and Marco Polo are the official night event locations!

  • Start Marco Polo Dutch Kingsday event 21:00 €10 (we recommend a combination ticket) Entrée includes a welcome drink!
  • Start Tex Mex Dutch Kingsday event 22:00 (free event) 
  • Both events go on till 04:00

Do you have tokens left? In Tex Mex you can also pay with these tokens, so 

Get your tickets an T-shirt now!