Airport travellers advised to plan ahead as major ring road works begin


First phase of MIA roadworks project will kick off on Tuesday evening

Malta International Airport
Malta International Airport

Travellers flying out of Malta in the coming weeks should set aside additional time for their journey, with major works to upgrade the Malta International Airport ring road beginning on Tuesday.

Works will commence at 6pm on Tuesday, March 21 and are expected to take some weeks.

While works will not impact the main airport entryway and exits, the MIA said it expected some congestion at these two points. It, therefore, advised passengers to plan ahead, irrespective of whether they are driving to the airport, being dropped of or using public transport. 

The project's first phase will see the airport's outer lane, which is normally used for pick-ups and drop-offs by private vehicles, be closed off. MIA will be allocating a temporary area within the airport's main car park for drop-offs, with the grace period for car park users temporarily extended to 30 minutes.

"Malta International Airport employees stationed at critical points, together with directional signage, will indicate the routes that need to be followed by drivers and passengers while these works are ongoing, as well as facilitate the flow of traffic," the airport said in a statement.

Drivers are asked to respect a 30km/hr speed limit. 

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