24 Medications Are Currently Out Of Stock In Malta, Health Minister Confirms


Gebruik je medicatie en kom je naar Malta? Dan is het vaak handig om een voorraad vanuit Nederland mee te nemen. Zelfs essentiële medicatie is hier vaak niet op voorraad.

Zo gebruik ik zelf epipennen en zelfs die zijn vaak niet op voorraad. Neem dus een voorraad mee uit NL!

Health Minister Chris Fearne has confirmed that 24 medicines are out of stock at the moment on the island.

Fearne was answering a parliamentary question tabled by PN MP Claudette Buttigieg who asked if the minister could confirm that at the beginning of May, there were around 30 essential medicines that were out of stock. She also asked what the government is doing to solve this problem.

Fearne replied that eight medicines have been affected by an issue of sourcing while three have been recalled, seven delayed and six are awaiting delivery.

Fearne has been vociferous about agents who import medicines to Malta for not "tendering the contract with the government," and selling medicines to the private sector for a "larger profit margin," even though the medicine may be scarce in Malta.

In his first official reaction after being appointed as the new President Of the World Health Assembly, Chris Fearne emphasised that during his term, he will focus on the need for new medicines to be accessible to all people worldwide at the same time.

"We are seeing smaller countries at a disadvantage when it comes to the introduction of these innovative medicines in the local market. Therefore, Malta will be at the forefront to make an impact on the health of people worldwide," said Fearne.

Last week, Fearne confirmed that the fluorouracil chemotherapy drug used to treat internal cancers, was back in stock after it had been out of stock for over a week.

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